Freedom EP

by The Constructor

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Una forma de expresar lo que nos pasa día a día. Las cosas que vivimos, las que odiamos y las que amamos.

I would never make a song that everyone agreed with.
Because, how do you do that?
You know, you do that by making songs that don't say anything.
And if no one's challenged in any way possible there's no way you can be misinterpreted and there's no way anyone can build up enough emotions to react

- Jesse Barnett (STYG)


released February 27, 2015

Gracias a Sign Studios, Eduardo Salas, Lobia y a todas las bandas que nos apoyan (Yo, Humano | El Arma Es La Palabra | Emberheart | Limerance | The Last Breath Before Coma | Greatest Desire) y a toda la gente que se da el tiempo de escucharnos y comentarnos. Muchas gracias a todos.



all rights reserved


The Constructor Monterrey, Mexico

The Constructor empezó cómo un proyecto de 2 integrantes, pero con el paso del tiempo se han dedicado a hacer éste proyecto una realidad. Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

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Track Name: Einer
Track Name: Freedom
we are living!
a chained life, living through the spines
where you can only hear your own breath
we swallowed the words, also the ideas.

mindless, soulless, or we are just a walking flesh?
our mind are blocked, so fucking closed

send them out, send them out
straight to hell

liars, the city streets are full of blood.
heaven, is that just a dream?
We've lived among the shadows (x2)

picture perfect world, we have the reason to live for.
picture perfect world, we have to stand up for the fallen one.
we, the freedom
we, cant hear it
Track Name: Exist
Here i am, taste my name.
crossing the universe
my eyes are blackened
could you spot the mindless place

standing in the west.
looking for the infinite
dying at the east
i'm burying the last memory

staring at the sun
I could not know if i'm still drugged
or i'm just searching for the answers
i don't know!

watch the cold and dead air
choked with the blood that you spilled
another name, another dead
are you fading in front of her.
did I faded in front of you?
no, I did not.

walking out off the world
at the edge of my existence
lost between the sound and time
my eyes are blackened
you didn't spot the secret place
Track Name: Empire
Take his soul
This is the story of a cynical man
He's lying upon his mother's eyes
How many souls he would take to get the throne?
Everyday, people dies.
Everyday, empires falls, because of lies.
Everyday, people dies.
Everyday, empires falls, because he's lying
I, the liar.

He will keeps us amongst the filth
conceding us a truly life a ruined empire

We built a glory tower
We built a truly empire

No one can hear our prayers
but our suffering doesn't lasts forever
No one can hear our prayers
but our suffering doesn't lasts forever

How many souls he would take to get the throne
are we condemned to lying on the ground?
Track Name: Vengeance
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¡This is the fight! upon the creator's eyes.
heading to the real doom, (now we are) silenced just as we've been blinded.
they're beasts with no mercy

We've returned from the death
We are here to reward our vengeance
¡This is the fight! ¡This is the vengeance! (x3)
this was feeded by our last will

Standing upon our ruins, marching to the real feast.
This is the last call (x2)
Standing upon the bodies (x2)

They drew our paradise, We erase their world
We were chained by the hand of the oppresion (by the hand of the oppresion)

Let us live (x4)